Why Women Need a Will (and Likely a Revocable Living Trust)

Are you that powerhouse woman who still does not have a Will and who could probably benefit from a revocable living trust? Today is International Women’s Day when we celebrate being fabulous women. Celebrate your achievements, and then do one more thing: call or email to set up a consultation and let’s get your estate organized! 

Don’t Lose the Family Home to Medicaid!

Without long-term care insurance or a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust, the family home can become subject to a Medicaid lien for your loved one’s nursing home or at home nursing care. “Federal law requires all states to have “estate recovery programs,” which seek reimbursements for spending under Medicaid, the joint federal and state health insurance program mainly for people with low incomes or disabilities.” Preventative estate planning will protect your family’s home and allow you to pass it down to your children. Call today for a consultation (2112-222-4175) and get peace of mind.


It’s Time to Have “The Talk”

“It is the worst thing in the world to be laying in your bed, dying, and having a lawyer ask you questions about who should get what,” Ms. Moore, 69, a sweater designer from New York City, said. “If you wait until the last minute, you’re in such a bad place.” The comments by readers reveal the heartbreaking stories of caregivers and those left behind. There’s a better way. Call my office for a consultation to discuss your personal situation.

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This is Estate Planning Awareness Week! Tip #5

Today’s Tip:  When a Contentious Probate Litigation Leads to a Disadvantageous Result


As is often the case, probate litigation can quickly become contentious, especially when competing Wills are offered for probate.  Litigation can become costly, and disadvantageous errors in judgment and strategy can result in unintended consequences. Read more here.

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This is Estate Planning Awareness Week! Tip #4

Today’s Tip:  Setting Up a Living Trust for a Non-Citizen: Linda McCartney’s Trust for Paul McCartney as a Model

Because Linda McCartney retained her U.S. citizenship, set up the QDOT trust to benefit Paul, and had her Will probated in New York, Sir Paul was able to avoid paying up to 40% in British inheritance taxes.  The QDOT also meant that she was able to pass her entire estate to her husband free of federal and state estate taxes. Read more here. #revocabletrust#hardshipdistribution #maritaldeduction, #noncitizenspouse #qdot #qtip #wills, #estatemaritaldeduction, #hardshipdistribution